About Us

Welcome to a world of ethical, conscious, vegan food where we honor the body and all of life with fresh, home-made food that is good for all.

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

Pioneer in the vegan gourmet market, purpose driving company, we are looking to do the incredible. We are not looking for the easy way. We want to provide all kinds of internationally well-known dishes with a dash of French touch, Ôm-made from scratch with mostly organic ingredients, from cheese to mock meat dishes as yummy or even tastier than conventional ones. Every dish is completely vegan in respect of animals, people health and Mother Nature protection, not only for vegans or aspiring vegans, but for all health-conscious people.

Karma Kitchen is here to help you to catch the vegan wave!

International with a French touch, we provide:

  • Vegan cheeses in block and spread (Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta, etc.)
  • Mock meat ready made dishes and charcuterie (Bolognese, Chorizo,  pepperoni, Polpettes, Paté… etc.)
  • Ready to eat food in jars, salty and sweet (Butters, dressings, toppings, sauces, sweet puddings, jams and much more!)
  • Cakes and cookies with gluten-free option
  • Home delivery for Goa, take away (in Siolim) and online order vegankarmakitchen.com
  • Healthy menus with low calories or gastronomic concept to curate restaurant menu
  • Catering for wedding, party, corporate meetings

What is this vegan French cuisine food about and how is it different?

Great news! Not much difference in taste thanks to our numerous lab experiments, so it does not lead to any frustration. Vegan cooking avoids using any animal extract such as meat, fish, egg, milk, honey, and bone powder Indeed a lot of creativity to find healthy substitutes.

Food should be fun. Our  concept is a creative illustration to provide holistic Ôm made, healthy, locally sourced, and mostly organic food for all to eat, with a touch of French Houlala!  The dishes we create are made to satisfy an exigent palate and suit all cultural backgrounds and food habits. Meat-eaters don’t see the difference, but their body does.

Our mission is to positively contribute to humanity by providing deliciously nutritious and fresh food in harmony with the environment and the season(s), whilst also considering the protection of animals hence creating a more compassionate world and of course, good Karma!

Clean food, slow food, real food

At Karma Kitchen, ensure what you consume is consciously procured, of finest quality, and well packaged. We are extremely careful and cautious about hygiene and applying safe European standards from suppliers to delivery. Our food is completely vegan, ensuring no harm to any sentient beings. We cook everything from scratch with love and care, as precious as prana. It our only way to ensure what we serve. We don’t use white sugar, preservative, conservative, or any trans-fats. We provide gluten-free and sugar-free options for some of our recipes.